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Our Mission Statement and Objectives The company operates on an ethical credo and core Mission Statement to provide just and equitable investigative services that benefits its clients and society as a whole; and looks to redress victims of fraud and bring its criminal perpetrators to justice.
About FSI Fraud Security Investigations FSI Fraud Security Investigations was originally formed as Everest Communications Inc., and DBS Communications Inc, and operated as a major national electronics security integrator, providing major security infrastructure for Canadian military national defense systems, government installations and private sector facilities.
Provincial Mortgage Fraud FSI Fraud Security Investigations is currently involved in undercover research and investigation of major mortgage fraud operations. The cases are provocative and widespread with a major network of operatives and fraudsters, and which has successfully contravened all regulatory safeguards and protective measures designed to protect the public trust.
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Thursday July 18 , 2024
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Welcome to FSI Fraud Security Investigations

FSI Fraud Security Investigations is a specialty fraud investigative firm, specializing and conducting research and investigative audit of criminal financial fraud operations. Our specialty team of investigative agents and research analysts specialize in assisting victims of fraud in their recovery with restitution and bringing the criminal perpetrators to justice along with recovery of assets for its victims!

This is accomplished by working with and assisting various law enforcement agencies and government regulators, by providing them with detailed investigative reports with indictable evidence and facilitating the means of legal prosecution.

FSI Fraud Security Investigations essentially does all the research and analysis required and then presents a comprehensive and insightful case file to the authorities having prosecutorial jurisdiction. This process is two-pronged in its approach because it attacks the case file on both a civil tort as well as a criminal basis. This unique dual strategy approach enables the victims to litigate the fraudsters for recovery of assets, while also prosecuting them for criminal liability and sentencing to the appropriate penal facility for incarceration.

To assist victims with legal consulting services and litigation support, FSI Fraud Security Investigations is also affiliated with Jutsun & Company Law Associates. The firm is not a law firm, but a specialized legal intermediary consulting and litigation support firm focusing on litigation and legal recovery of assets for its victims. In the conduct of its legal support services, the company utilizes and relies upon solicitors, paralegals and law clerks who are licensed practitioners and are in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada where mandated.

Our criminal fraud investigations generally relate to:

  • Money laundering operations that contravene Fintrac, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and other government anti-money laundering agencies, thereby thwarting the criminal intent of introducing monies from the proceeds of crime back into circulation in the mainstream economy;
  • Mortgage fraud and fraudulent mortgage and land transfer transactions with intent to undermine real estate assets and defraud legitimate and valid owners of real estate assets;
  • Identity fraud and fraudulent use of victims credit facilities and personal and corporate identities;
  • Fraudulent investment vehicles intended for defrauding investors and expropriation of investor assets;
  • Business and consumer lending scams intended to defraud business enterprises and consumers;
  • Fraudulent borrowing and falsified loan submission practices with intent to defraud lending institutions and Government backed insurance plans;
  • Government expropriation and defrauding of government assets and resources on a Local, Provincial and Federal level;
  • Seizure and expropriation of domestic financial assets attempting to insulate criminal proceeds by moving funds offshore to neutral safe havens;
  • Specialized criminal law pertaining to sexual assault and sexual abuse cases with financial restitution and recovery of assets for victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

For more information on our specialized fraud investigative services, you can contact FSI Fraud Security Investigations at:

(905) 274-4200 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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FSI Fraud Security Investigations works in tandem and cooperation with the following law enforcement and governmental regulatory agencies, providing its comprehensive intelligence and analytical reports with evidentiary findings, to all requisite law enforcement agencies and governmental authorities.

Our objective is to support and assist law enforcement agencies and government regulators in the pursuit of criminal prosecution of the criminal fraudsters, and the recovery of illegally expropriated assets for the benefit of all FSI victims:

RCMP FBI CBSA OPP Toronto Police  Vancouver Police  CPA Homeland Security Ministry of Justice Courts of Justice
RCMP Federal Bureau of Investigation CBSA Ontario Provincial Police Toronto Police Vancouver Police Canadian Police Asociation Homeland Security Ontario Ministry of Justice Ontario Courts of Justice
Judicial Counsel LSUC CRA Fintrac FSCO OSC ASC BC Securities Commission ICAO Privacy Commissioner
Ontario Judicial Counsel Law Society of Upper Canada Canada Revenue Agency Fintrac FSCO Ontario Securities Commission Alberta Securities Commission BC Securities Commission Institute of Chartered Accountants Privacy Commissioner of Ontario