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Portfolio History of Investigative Files

The principal founder and President of FSI Fraud Security Investigations Mr. Gerald (Gerry) Jutsun, comes with a specialized and rarefied, long-standing history of investigative security work.

Having been cleared by the Canadian military for the highest level of security for national defense, his background and professional expertise are at the pinnacle of specialized criminal fraud investigation, with cases undertaken that are provocative, highly specialized and profound on a national basis.

As the founder and expert in fraud and security, Mr. Jutsun has worked for over 25 years in security and fraud investigations and works with all levels of law enforcement and government regulators nationally including the: Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Toronto Police Service, Vancouver Police Service; and government regulators including: the Ontario Courts of Justice, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO) and FINTRAC, the Financial Transactions Analysis Centre amongst others.

Mr. Jutsun and FSI Fraud Security Investigations has appeared in the public media and has appeared in print articles in July 2012, with over 5 million readers published in the FBI newswire, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) news service, the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Bloomberg News and numerous other major, high profile US and Canadian news outlets. (see reference article “Fraud is Widespread and Rampant in Canada” )

As recent as June 5, 2013, he was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), as an expert fraud investigator, providing insightful commentary pertaining to international engineering firm SNC Lavalin. The news release may be provided for review and inspection if consented to by the CBC.

Mr. Jutsun has also been featured on radio interview and commentary on home security and protective measures, interviewed on 680 Radio News; and was also interviewed by the CBC after the stock market crash of October 19, 1987, historically referred to as Black Monday;

A brief summary history of some of the seminal cases he has undertaken over the past 20 years are provided herein:

  • Consulted, designed and installed major facility security systems for private sector installations including the Xerox Research Center, Tokai Canada, McDonalds Canada, Samco Machinery, Children's Aid Society, Tridel Developments, and Mathews Developments amongst many others;
  • Consulted, designed and installed major facility security systems for government public sector installations including Public Works and Government Services (PWGS), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Ontario Realty Corporation (ORC), Go Transit, Toronto Transit Commission, (TTC), Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), Ashbridges Bay Water Treatment Facility, and Ontario Public Savings Offices amongst others;
  • Consulted, designed and installed major security systems for public housing facilities for Metro Toronto Housing Authority (MTHA - Provincial), Metro Toronto Housing Company (City of Toronto), Ontario Non-Profit Housing and Peel Non-Profit Housing, with major system deterrence of criminal drug related activities;
  • In 1991 during the Gulf War and the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, was requested to provide security systems analysis and protection systems for various Canadian facilities including Jewish synagogues that may have been potential targets of terrorist attacks.
  • From 1991 to 1995, provided and engaged in undercover covert surveillance of armed and highly dangerous criminal drug dealers at various high-risk crime related housing complexes within Metro Toronto Housing Authority sites including Willowridge, Teasdale, Finch Brahms, Lawrence Heights, and Moss Park at Shuter St., amongst others;
  • Security systems implementation and covert operations with strategic tactical positioning led to significant decreased drug related activities and reduction and apprehension of criminal drug traffickers;
  • In 1993 assisted and participated in a provincial wide fraud investigation under the provincial Conservative government with Premier Mike Harris, and worked with forensic accountants at KPMG to uncover and apprehend a major fraud and bribery ring within the Metro Toronto Housing Authority (MTHA). Participation and assistance efforts with research and evidence resulted in the suspension and conviction of several high level operatives and contractors engaged at MTHA;
  • In 1994 participated in the Canadian-Chinese trade mission as part of Team Canada for encouraging trade between Canada and China and under the leadership of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Provided consultation in China for the design and implementation of security systems for protection of financial institutions, public banks and the Chinese military;
  • In 1995 was cleared for the highest level of security for national defense with clearance at Canada Forces Base CFB North Bay and for access to the classified underground installation for monitoring of air defences as part of NORAD and the early warning DEW line air defence system. System design and implementation of MACS (Master Access Control System) consisted of high-level security and voice, video and data protection. Designed and installed systems implementation to protect this high security level military base for Canadian and American national defense.
  • In 1996 with successful implementation of MACS system at CFB North Bay, was awarded high-profile contract at CFB Trenton for system implementation, as well as consideration for all military bases across Canada. Executed and delivered additional contract related electrical and mechanical work at CFB Borden and CFB Kingston.
  • In 1996 provided the RCMP with major intelligence on a significant fraud operation that apprehended a major fraudulent financial operator and resulted in his extradition by the FBI to the United States and his imprisonment;
  • In 2001 researched, prepared and managed a major claim for $27 million for financial mismanagement and fraud, against various parties and was successful in bringing resolution, restitution and closure to this file;
  • In 2001, September 11 during the terrorist attack of 911, was called in by the City of Toronto and consulted for Ashbridges Bay Water Treatment Plant for analysis and design of water treatment security and protection from terrorist attack on the City of Toronto, as well as other security interests for protection from terrorist infiltration on Canadian soil;
  • has worked as an inspector for bankruptcy and receiverships as well as a financial monitor for oversight and accountability and corporate financial restructurings; and have worked in tandem with BDO Dunwoody, KPMG, Coopers & Lybrand as well as the Bank of Montreal, the Business Development Bank of Canada, I-Trade Financial, First National Financial Corporation and many other financial lending and accounting firms within Canada;
  • has appeared and given evidence and testimony before Ontario Superior Court Judges including but not limited to Justice Farley (retired), Justice Spiegel, Justice Corbett and Justice Ellen McDonald, amongst others;
  • was past Vice President of Oakville Seniors Citizens residence in a voluntary position and responsible for corporate governance and policy formation, while overseeing the care of over 300 seniors citizens;
  • trained in firearms by the Canadian military under the supervision of Master Warrant Officer Sergeant Brian Vasey (ret.), former head of the military police at CFB North Bay, and a qualified sharpshooter;
  • holds a degree in Economics and Finance with partial completion of MBA with studies in finance and law;
  • completed courses and training in electronics, security systems, fire prevention and suppression systems and self defence techniques;
  • actively involved in raising monies for charities and humanitarian causes through recognized international aid agencies;
  • He is the Founder and President of ILACO Corporation, ILACO Private Equity Consortium and Jutsun & Company Law Associates.

He is currently engaged in financial fraud investigations and asset recovery in excess of $200 million, from private investors and vulnerable senior citizens. One of the financial fraud investigations has recently led to the arrest of several fraudulent parties in the GTA engaged in fraudulent tax investment and money laundering schemes. Fraud investigative efforts are coalesced and coordinated with Federal law enforcement agencies including RCMP, CBSA and Fintrac; and governmental regulatory agencies having jurisdiction;

Legal Status as a Duty of an Expert

Throughout his imprimatur and representation in court, he holds himself out as a fraud and
security expert and adheres to the principal of the Duty of an Expert, as contained in the
Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 4.1 which states:


4.1.01 (1) It is the duty of every expert engaged by or on behalf of a party to provide evidence in relation to a proceeding under these rules,

(a) to provide opinion evidence that is fair, objective and non-partisan;
(b) to provide opinion evidence that is related only to matters that are within the expert’s area of expertise; and
(c) to provide such additional assistance as the court may reasonably require to determine a matter in issue. O. Reg. 438/08, s. 8.

Duty Prevails

(2) The duty in sub rule (1) prevails over any obligation owed by the expert to the party by whom or on whose behalf he or she is engaged. O. Reg. 438/08, s. 8.

Mr. Jutsun recognizes and holds himself out as that expert that is duty bound to present to the court, evidence that is fair, objective and non-partisan. He recognizes that he may be in a dual position as both the Plaintiff in an action, and the expert pursuant to Rule 4.1, but submits to where “Duty Prevails” and is obliged to provide the best evidence possible to the courts.