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  • my first blog title

    my first blog contentmy first blog content ...
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  • New post 1

    FSI Fraud Security Investigations was originally formed as Everest Communications Inc., and DBS Communications Inc, and operated as a major national electronics security integrator, providing major security infrastructure for Canadian military national defense systems, government installations and private sector facilities.FSI Fraud Security In ...
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Yilin Tao

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  • Police stretched to catch financial abuse

    As police budgets are spread thin across the country, education is being looked at as the best weapon in the fight to prevent elder financial abuse. "We're right up against it. Resources will never keep up with the need," said Det. Rick Anthony, fraud investigator with Victoria police. "All we can do is combat it with knowledge and get the wo ...
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  • Mortgage Fraud & Organized Crime in Canada Issue The purpose of this assessment is to outline how mortgage fraud occurs and examine the nature and scope of organized crime’s involvement in this fraud type in Canada. Highlights According to industry estimates, losses from mortgage fraud in Canada range int ...
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  • Mortgage fraud down, but not out

    "A good crook can beat a smart lawyer any day of the week.” That's the view of Sidney Troister of Torkin Manes LLP of Toronto, who says that he has seen lots of crooks in his 12 years fighting mortgage fraud, and that the schemes just keep coming. Mortgage fraud was rampant in the earlier part of this decade, and a number of Canadian lawyers w ...
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