Thursday July 18 , 2024
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FSI Investigative Files

FSI Fraud Security Investigations is currently immersed in several high-profile fraud investigations. These cases and the resulting research and investigations will be made available to the public subject to legal release and disclosure that is non-prejudicial and permissible by law.

All cases are also coordinated with various levels of law enforcement agencies on a Local, Provincial and Federal basis. As such, this may preclude release of investigative facts and research until Crown prosecutors have completed all prosecutorial actions and made all facts available to the public at large.

At present, FSI Fraud Security Investigations is currently investigating the following cases as of April 2014:

  • Investigation of daycare licensing practices within the Ontario Ministry of Education;
  • Provincial mortgage fraud and theft with dispossession of stolen real estate properties;
  • Missing person believed deceased being used for mortgage lending purposes and court ordered power of sales;
  • Investment fraud and expropriation of seniors investment portfolios;
  • Affiliated investment fraud and expropriation of seniors investment portfolios;
  • Sexual assault and abuse with possible homicide by a recognized pedophile;
  • Sexual assault, drug trafficking and trafficking of pedophile materials;
  • Professional misconduct and embezzlement by accountancy and legal professionals;

FSI Fraud Security Investigations also employs the use of psychic intuitives to give direction, clues and clarification of specific facts and details. If you are a psychic intuitive and have demonstrable and proven ability, please contact us to lend your abilities to our efforts. Compensation for beneficial information will be made available.

To contact FSI Fraud Security Investigations to provide information or assistance in solving criminal fraud cases, call us at:

(905) 274-4200 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it