Monday May 20 , 2024
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As a dynamic, forward thinking and specialized criminal investigative agency, we are always looking for qualified and driven people to help us achieve our goals and crystallize our Mission Statement.

If you are looking at a criminal investigative agency that is unique, maverick and motivated by principle, please send us your CV for consideration to join our team. We are looking for experienced as well as young, conscientious, investigative agents and analysts to combat the growing and pervasive threat of criminal financial fraud.

We are looking for specialists in:

  • Finance and Banking processes;
  • Accounting and Forensic audit control;
  • Law and Regulatory Compliance;
  • Criminology and Psychology;
  • Cyberspace and Internet navigation
  • Military and Paramilitary training;

Simply send us your resume with your stated objectives and ambitions and how you believe you can better improve the criminal fraud justice system in Canada.

The more provocative your ideas…the greater the chance you will be considered!

To start your new career in criminal fraud investigation, contact us at:

(905) 274-4200 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it