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Fraud Is Widespread and Rampant in Canada, Says Expert Fraud Investigator

TORONTO, Jun. 13 – Now in its 22nd year of operation, FSI: Fraud Security Investigations is a highly specialized fraud investigative firm, conducting in depth research and comprehensive investigative audits of criminal fraudulent operators while helping victims recover lost assets and rebuild their lives.
The agency also looks to bring fraudsters to justice, restoring victims hope in law enforcement and the judicial system.

According to FSI's founder and President, Mr. Gerry Jutsun, financial fraud in Canada is widespread, unchecked and harms the most vulnerable members of society. As Mr. Jutsun states, "this is equivalent to the financial rape of defenseless persons, which typically includes senior citizens, leaving its victims destitute and completely violated after the crime." Mr. Jutsun is currently investigating several major high profile cases on a provincial, national and international level, wherein the victims routinely have been senior citizens and have been rendered completely bankrupt and destitute.

FSI's team of investigative agents and research analysts specialize in redressing victims of financial fraud through a civil tort process with the recovery and restitution of assets. This also includes seeking punitive damages from licensed professionals who are co-participants in the fraud, aiding and abetting the criminal perpetrators and which crimes would not have been possible without their facilitation.

FSI also looks to bring the criminal fraudsters to justice through a criminal tort process, including seizure of their assets and personal belongings along with incarceration and imprisonment. The company's goals are achieved by working with and assisting various law enforcement agencies on a municipal, provincial and national level, as well as all government regulatory agencies in Canada and the United States. This is executed by providing them with detailed and comprehensive investigative intel reports after conducting intensive research, covert operations and information gathering with indictable evidence and facilitating the means of legal prosecution.

This process is unique in its two-pronged approach because it attacks the case file on both a civil tort as well as a criminal basis. This unique dual strategy approach enables the victims to litigate the fraudsters for recovery of assets, seizure of their personal assets and seeks punitive damages, while also prosecuting them for criminal liability with sentencing to the appropriate penal facility for incarceration.

As a completely unique support system, FSI also provides its fraud victims with legal consulting services, litigation support and legal representation through its sister affiliate company, Jutsun & Company Law Associates, a specialized legal intermediary consulting and litigation support firm. The company is not a conventional law firm, but a legal support resource that focuses on litigation and legal recovery of assets for its victims and criminal prosecution for the criminal fraudsters. In the conduct of its legal support services, the company utilizes and relies upon qualified licensed solicitors, paralegals and legal administrators and who are in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada where mandated.

FSI's criminal fraud investigations include money-laundering operations that contravene Fintrac, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), FBI and other Government anti-money laundering agencies; mortgage fraud and fraudulent mortgage and land transfer transactions; identity fraud and fraudulent use of victims credit facilities with personal and corporate identities; fraudulent investment vehicles intended for defrauding investors and expropriation of investor assets; business and consumer lending scams intended to defraud business enterprises and consumers; fraudulent borrowing and falsified loan submission practices with intent to defraud lending institutions and Government-backed loan insurance plans; expropriation and defrauding of Government Crown assets and resources on a local, provincial and federal level; and seizure and expropriation of domestic financial assets attempting to insulate criminal proceeds by moving funds offshore to neutral safe havens.

FSI also engages in investigation and legal prosecution for sexual assault and sexual abuse cases with financial restitution and recovery of assets for its victims, while seeking criminal prosecution and incarceration of the abusers.

For more information about FSI: Fraud Security Investigations and its unique, proactive, two-pronged attack on fraudulent crimes, visit

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